Commercial Lighting Solutions


LEAP is piloting a commercial lighting retrofit program with Pio Energy, a northern Virginia-based renewable energy company, that offers LED lighting solutions for commercial properties. Their saving sharing lease program allows businesses to switch to LEDs, including tube and panel lighting and outdoor lighting, to realize energy cost savings of up to 80% with no upfront costs.

This offering fits LEAP’s philosophy of “reduce and produce,” which encourages property owners to consider energy efficiency improvements as part of any solar package.

With almost 40 different commercial lighting products, Pio Energy offers businesses of all kinds a way to realize 60%+ kWh savings with an average $200 in savings and a 3x longer lifetime per bulb.

PIO Brochure

We perform site visits for potential clients and identify the maximum savings, lowering the kwh usage by switching to LED and using Solar and/or Wind power to lower the per kwh cost. Making the switch to renewable energy such as LED and solar will have a great impact on your bill, and productivity.

Clean Energy, Bright Future!

Matt Ogden, Founder & CEO, Pio Energy




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